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I was a Physics undergraduate at the Universidade de São Paulo  where I also got my MSc. degree at Departamento de Astronomia in São Paulo.   I concluded my Ph.D. in Astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Cambridge in 1995.  At Cambridge I was a member of Churchill College.

I was on leave, for a 2 year stay (2008-2009) at the Astronomy Department of the University of Virginia, with a US GEMINI from AURA .

I am now back  in the Coordenacao de Astronomia e Astrofisica at the Observatorio Nacional , Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where I have held a faculty position since 1997.  You can find me at    etelles at on.br or    call/FAX/snail-mail

         My astronomy   Background

"Professional" links

Research topics

This is a description of research projects I am currently working on.  Here you will also find some information about my research students and their projects.

My publication

I listed my publications, the science papers and conference contributions . Many of them are available for download in PostScript format along with tabulated data and images. 

The Galaxy Catalog

I am mostly interested in the study of violent star formation in galaxies, from giant HII regions, HII galaxies, Starburst Nuclei to
Ultraluminous galaxies.  I present some of ilustrative examples of my research activities.

Teaching links

I am offering this semester a post-graduate course on Extragalactic Astronomy.  You will find some material about it in  lectures .

Personal links:

Fun links

I have many outside interests. Here is a collection of pages about my friends and places I have been. 


This is a family photo album of my daughter Taina and my wife Adriana.

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