1997 Media Edition

Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan

Welcome to the Astronomy Today 2E, 1997 Media Edition. This unique CD ROM is designed to combine the textbook Astronomy Today 2E with updated information and animations and links to the Astronomy Today website. The CD contains the following components:

Astronomy Today 2E textbook and new updates and animations. These files remain on the CD and can be viewed with any web browser. They consist of the entire hyperlinked textbook along with new Updates and Animations.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. This web browser is provided for users that do not already have a browser. Any browser may be used to view the files, but we highly recommend either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Apple QuickTime. This is necessary to view the animations and video. Version 2.5 for Mac and 2.1.1 for Windows are provided, however, earlier versions will work if your system already has QuickTime. Please note: Even if you have QuickTime on your computer, it must be properly associated with the browser, or the animations will not run. Please see "II. C. Associating QuickTime" in the ReadMe file for information on associating helper applications with the browser.

Adobe Acrobat. This allows you to open and print the updates, which are provided in UPDATES.PDF on the CD. A printout of these .PDF files is much higher quality than the HTML files.

Multimedia Study Guide for Astronomy Today 2E. A separate program on the CD, this interactive study guide provides testing practice on the material in the book. Some features include immediate feedback, results and previous results to track improvement, and suggested reading.

If this is your first visit, you should read the ReadMe file very carefully. If you are ready to continue, go ahead to Table of Contents.

The Table of Contents is the starting point for the Media Edition. Bookmark the Table of Contents (OPEN_SCR.HTM) for easy access. In Internet Explorer, select "Favorites" from the top menu bar, and select "Add Page to Favorites". In Netscape, select "Bookmarks" from the menu bar, and select "Add Bookmark".