HEURISTIKA, A Ground Based for a General Evolutive Algorithm Project

João Luiz Kohl Moreira
Observatório Nacional - MCT
The Object Oriented Programming Languages are believed to be well fitted to evolutive algorithms development. Since a previously defined  type of the variables is not needed, the custom may build objects whose behaviour are determined as he find appropriate for their purposes, and instantiate them at the specific application time. You may encapsulate a low level object inside object definitions so that the instances you may define are practically infinite. You define a cell composed of alleles, which, in turn, may be cells of different types or even beings yet more complex, adding complexity to your system indefinitely. For this aim I introduce HEURISTIKA, a Java-library to be available for the development of high level evolutive algorithms.
Subject headings: Evolutive Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Java Programming